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What is Forge?

What We Do:

  • To help pair top-quality music, audio, and visual assets with motion picture, television, advertising, gaming, and other multimedia productions.
  • We help independent composers and artists further their personal careers.
  • We provide content and tools to independent photographers and videographers to help increase their business.
  • We educate and help businesses, schools, and churches incorporate multimedia into their operations, legally and ethically.



There’s an ancient proverb that says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a person sharpens his friend.”  With that wisdom in mind, Forge was built around the concept of collaboration and mutual success.  We continually strive to create a content library that is more than just a pile of stock music by faceless creators.  Yes, music is our livelihood, but we refuse to treat our composers, artists, and creators as just another commodity with a dollar sign attached. Rather, we are a family that learns from each other, grows alongside each other, and sharpens each other.  Together, we share in each other’s successes, complement each other’s weaknesses, and create something that is truly greater than our individual selves.  When Forge can help our music users succeed, then we also succeed.  If we can help our composers and artists succeed, then we succeed along with them.  We take a great deal of pride in the incredibly talented creators who put their faith in us and work with us.


Our goal is simple:  to serve our users with content of the highest quality, as quickly and as friendly as we possibly can.  We don’t have hundreds of thousands of tracks like the “mega libraries” (yet).  On the other hand, what we lack in numbers, we make up for in the knowledge of our content and in the warmth and efficiency of our service to you.

We personally curate our catalog, so we’re intimately acquainted with the music.  We know our composers personally, and we know their work well.  If you need something, we’ll probably already have a song or composer in mind that will fit your project.  And, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it, even if it’s from our competitor.  We feel that’s what provides a better experience, not only to our clients, but also to our composers and artists.

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100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Who is Forge?

FORGE Tracks

Forge Tracks Productions MusicExclusive, one-stop production music from world class composers, independent songwriters and artists, and independent record labels.  Search our online catalog, or request a custom playlist, disc, or drive.  Browse our releases.

FORGE Studio

forge studioHave the Forge production team create music and audio that’s tailored to your project–custom songs, score to picture, advertising jingles, radio/audio commercials, voiceovers, and on-hold message programs.  We also produce songwriter demos and song production for artists.  Learn More.

FORGE Sounds

Forge FX sound designSound design, foley, and pre-recorded sound effects for your mobile apps, games, or multimedia production (Coming Q3 2016)

FORGE Visual

Forge Visual stock imagesGraphics, stock images, and video assets for your production (Coming Q3 2016)

Opening Line Music

Opening Line Music groupFORGE distributes the catalog of Opening Line Music Group, purveyors of fine reality tv music from composers worldwide.  Find their selections in the FORGE Tracks catalog.

PRO Affiliates

PROsWe are proudly affiliated with all three major U.S. Performing Rights Organizations.  Our FORGE publishing companies are:  Clay Butler Music (ASCAP), Sight Sound and Song Music Publishing (BMI), and Butler Productions Music Publishing (SESAC).

We work with a fantastic group of composers, artists, and songwriters to create a one-of-a-kind catalog of production music.  The “Forge Family”, as we call them, come from all over globe.  Some have won Emmys, others Addy and ASCAP awards.  We’re mighty proud to associate ourselves with not only such amazing talent, but also such great people.  Meet the Forge Family.

Where is Forge’s Work?

(Hebrew Proverb)

FORGE Tracks controls both the composition (with exception of cover songs) and master recording of all of FORGE’s material, so obtaining a synchronization/master use license is a snap!  We try to make the licensing process as painless as possible.  Once you have found the music you need, simply fill in our Online License Request Form (or email or call us).  Not only do we try to help productions reasonably stay within budget, but we also help them secure licenses quickly:  you can pay right from the invoice email!

Music from the FORGE Tracks catalog is licensed for productions on a “needle drop” basis.  This means you will need to obtain a license for each use in your productions, most of which are in perpetuity. Once you obtain the rights, you don’t have to come back and re-license as long as you don’t make any audio or visual changes (with exception of national commercials, which require a license for each version).

Needle drop libraries differ from buyout libraries (also known as “royalty free” libraries) in that you do not own the rights to the CD or the track. You are simply using it with permission for your production. The benefit of our needle drop model is that you have access to a whole lot of music that you don’t have to pay for until you finalize your project, and you only pay for what you use.

Request a License

For companies creating in-house productions, promotional videos, training videos, and non-broadcast for-sale videos, Forge Tracks offers a blanket license that allows unlimited use of our music for a small monthly or annual fee.

The legal use of music is a serious concern for independent photographers and videographers.  But using music legally doesn’t have to break the bank.  We have two options to choose from:

Royalty-Free “Style Packs”

Our Style Packs are small collections of music based on style.  A one-time fee allows you to use the music in as many videos and slideshows as you choose, as long as the product is direct-to-customer and not intended for broadcast or sale.

Blanket License Subscriptions

To offer even more flexibility and music choices, we created a special subscription-based catalog of music just for independent photographers and videographers.  Instead of licensing each track individually, which can easily cost over $100 per use, FORGE now offers blanket licensing for non-broadcast use for less than the cost of one song’s single-use license per month!

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