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States Away

Produced by Patrick Reagan

FORGE Content Group exists to help pair top quality music and audio content with the motion picture, television, advertising, and gaming arena while helping independent composers and artists further their career. FORGE Content Group is a group of companies owned by Butler Productions LLC, which partners with other content creators to provide first-class, one-stop content that you won’t find in any other library.  We are a family-owned company, and we carry a family atmosphere into all areas of our business.  We continually strive to create a content library that is more than just a collection of stock music by faceless creators.  Although music is our livelihood, we refuse to treat our composers, artists, and creators as another commodity with a dollar sign attached.  Rather, we are a family that learns from each other, grows alongside each other, and sharpens each other.  Together, we share in each other’s successes, complement each other’s weaknesses, and create something that is truly greater than our individual selves.

Our mission is to serve our users with content of the highest quality in the quickest and friendliest manner.  We understand that we cannot compete with the “Super Libraries” in sheer volume, nor is that our goal.  On the other hand, what we lack in bulk content we make up for in top quality product and impeccable customer service, which provides a better experience, not only to our clients, but also to our composers and artists.  But don’t just take our word for it.  See what others are saying.




Our Companies & Partners

FORGE Tracks

forge tracksExclusive, top-quality, one-stop music from world class composers, independent songwriters and artists, and independent record labels.  Conveniently search via our online catalog (powered by SoundMiner), or have us create a custom playlist for you!  Browse our releases.

FORGE Studio

forge-studioIf you can’t find what you’re looking for from our FORGE Tracks catalog, have our production team create a one-of-a-kind production that’s tailored to your project–custom songs, score, advertising jingles, radio/audio commercials, voiceovers, you name it!

FORGE Sounds

forge-soundsCOMING SOON:Exclusive sound effects for your mobile apps, games, or multimedia production.  Convenient search via our online catalog powered by SoundMiner.

FORGE Visual

forge-visualCOMING SOON:  Stock photography and video for your audiovisual production

Opening Line Music

opening line musicFORGE distributes the catalog of Opening Line Music Group, purveyors of fine reality tv and “dramedy” music from composers worldwide.  Find their selections in the FORGE Tracks catalog.

PRO Affiliates

PROsWe are proudly affiliated with all three major U.S. Performing Rights Organizations.  Our FORGE publishing companies are:  Clay Butler Music (ASCAP), Sight Sound and Song Music Publishing (BMI), and Butler Productions Music Publishing (SESAC).


FORGE Tracks represents Composers and Artists from all over the world.  We offer truly striking content by not only working directly with world class composers, independent songwriters and artists, but we also partner with independent record labels to coordinate their licensing.  Because of our relationships and partnerships, we’re able to offer easy, one-stop synchronization and master use licensing on a wide variety of high-quality music content for your production.

We’re highly selective with both the content and the group members on our roster.  We hand-pick each candidate based on his or her body of work and how well he/she works with people.  We’re proud to have such world-class talent as a part of the FORGE family!

Click on the library name to browse releases

The FORGE Tracks Composer Collection is a library of high quality instrumental music created by our roster of incredible composers from all over the world.  All tracks are available for licensing exclusively through FORGE Content Group.

FORGE C001 - Majestic and Poignant Orchestra  FORGE C002 - Contemporary Ensembles  FORGE C003 - From the Altar  FORGE C004 - Seasons  FORGE C005 - Once Upon a Story  FORGE C006 - Feelings and Moods  vines  FORGE C008 - Vintage Television  FORGE C009 - Livin Down South  FORGE C010 - DJ Dance Party  FORGE C011 - Science and Nature  FORGE C012 - Orchestral Action  FORGE C013 - Electro Slam  FORGE C014 - Cyber  FORGE C015 - Fight  FORGE C016 - Violence of Action  FORGE C017 - Light and Bright  FORGE C018 - Piano Memories  FORGE C019 - Fromage  FORGE C020 - Classic Country  FORGE C021 - Electric Rock Moods  Victory and Defeat  FORGE C023 - LIght and Bright 2  FORGE C024 Creepy Tension  FORGE C025 - Cinematic  FORGE C026 Crime and Justice  FORGE C027 SoulFunkstication

The FORGE Tracks Legacy Collection is the collection that started it all.  These tracks are the original Clay Butler Music Library.  (Disclosure:  These tracks are also non-exclusively shared with one other licensing agent.)

FORGE L001 - Acoustic Reflections  FORGE L002 - Technology and Industry  FORGE L003 - Humor and Lighthearted Tension  FORGE L004 - Dirty Rocker  FORGE L005 - Acoustic Rock Moods  FORGE L006 - Glitter Pop Rock  FORGE L007 - Rock Suspense and Tension  FORGE L008 - Rowdy South  FORGE L009 - Romance and Seduction  FORGE L010 - Street Life  FORGE L011 - Thrwoback Metal  FORGE L012 - Teenage Rebellion  FORGE L013 - Southern Folk  FORGE L014 - Time and Place

Shorts! by FORGE Tracks is a growing collection of short cues (less than one minute) that are suitable for bumpers, sweepers, stingers, logos, segment intros, and transitions.

FORGE T001 - Southern Bumpers 2goClubMailer-Front-Ver3  FORGE T006 -  Jazzy Transitions  rock bumpers SMALL  dramatic transitions SMALL

Opening Line Music Group is a group of highly skilled composers who specialize in music for unscripted television programming.  FORGE Content Group is proud to partner with and distribute their catalog.

OLMG dramedy-full-size  OLMG happy-full-size copy  OLMG hopeful-full-size copy  OLMG tension-full-size



FORGE Tracks controls both the composition (with exception of cover songs) and master recording of all of FORGE’s material, so obtaining a synchronization/master use license is a snap!  We try to make the licensing process as painless as possible.  Once you have found the music you need, simply fill in our Online License Request Form (or email or call us).  Not only do we try to help productions reasonably stay within budget, but we also help them secure licenses quickly:  you can pay right from the invoice email!

Music from the FORGE Tracks catalog is licensed for productions on a “needle drop” basis.  This means you will need to obtain a license for each use in your productions, most of which are in perpetuity. Once you obtain the rights, you don’t have to come back and re-license as long as you don’t make any audio or visual changes (with exception of national commercials, which require a license for each version).

Needle drop libraries differ from buyout libraries (also known as “royalty free” libraries) in that you do not own the rights to the CD or the track. You are simply using it with permission for your production. The benefit of our needle drop model is that you have access to a whole lot of music that you don’t have to pay for until you finalize your project, and you only pay for what you use.

Request a License

The legal use of music is a serious concern for independent photographers and videographers.  But using music legally doesn’t have to break the bank.

The high-quality music and sound effects from FORGE Tracks and FORGE Sounds are also available to photographers and videographers at an affordable price.  Instead of licensing each track individually, which can easily cost over $100 per use, FORGE now offers blanket licensing for non-broadcast use for less than the cost of one song’s single-use license per month!

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FORGE Content Group Strikes Deal with Opening Line Music

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This year, FORGE expanded their FORGE Tracks catalog by striking a co-publishing deal with Opening Line Music Group.  Founded by guitarist and television composer Chuck Schlacter, the Nashville-based production music company specializes in musical styles for reality television, such as Tension and “Dramedy”, from successful composers all over the globe. Learn more about Opening Line Music. Search the FORGE Tracks online catalog.

On Jan 1, 2014, Rising Tide Becomes FORGE

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As the ball dropped this New Years 2014, Rising Tide Music & Content Group “forged” ahead with a complete brand overhaul.  After a trademark rejection due to a potential name conflict, Rising Tide changed its name to FORGE.  FORGE president Clay Butler comments, “While we could’ve fought to keep the name, we  wouldn’t want to dilute someone else’s brand, just as we wouldn’t want someone else diluting ours.  The Rising Tide philosophy runs deep in our company, but after a lot of research, soul searching, and heavy discussion, we feel that we’ve taken on a new direction that’s both unique to us and one that clearly outlines our philosophy of mutual improvement through collaboration and community.” So, what does this mean to Rising Tide’s artists, and composers?  ”Absolutely nothing negative,” says Butler.  ”It’s merely a name change–nothing to worry about.”  He asserts that all agreements with composers, artists, and co-publishers …


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